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Emergency Department

Public Health

Public Health staff provide support to individuals, families and communities to promote and protect health and prevent disease and illness across the Prairie Mountain Health region.

Check out all our public classes, workshops and clinics.

Public Health Office Locations

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There are currently 2 locations in this directory beginning with the letter H.
  177 Birch Ave., General Delivery, Hamiota, MB, R0M 0T0

  617 River Ave., Box 280, Hartney, MB R0M 0X0

Primary Health Care Office Locations

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There are currently 8 names in this directory
Benito Primary Health Care Centre
  201 - 1st Street E., Benito, MB

Brandon 7th Street Health Access Centre
  20 - 7th Street, Brandon, MB

Camperville Primary Health Care Centre
  PTH 20 South, Camperville, MB

Erickson Primary Health
  60 Queen Elizabeth Road, Erickson, MB

Ethelbert Community Resource Centre
  31 Railway Ave N., Ethelbert, MB

Ste. Rose Primary Care Centre
  603 - 1st Ave. E, Ste Rose du Lac, MB

Swan River Primary Care Centre
  1000 Main Street, Swan River, MB

Waterhen Primary Health Care Centre
  104 North Mallard Road, Waterhen, MB
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