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Emergency Department

Midwifery Services

531 Princess Avenue, Brandon, MB R7A 1S9 | 204-571-5530
(metered street parking in front of our building and on adjacent streets)

Empowering Women and Their Families

At Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) Midwifery Services, we strive to foster relationships and strengthen families. It is our pleasure to care for expectant women of all ages, cultures, religions and family structures.

We are a group of seven midwives with many diverse backgrounds, who are committed to our clients, our profession, and our community. Together we bring decades of experience in women’s health care. We have attended thousands of births and have been privileged to participate in midwifery practice all over the world.

We are located in central Brandon on corner of princess avenue and 6th street, beside the greyhound bus terminal and the youth centre.

We look forward to hearing from you, and supporting you through pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum.

Our Philosophy

Midwifery care is based on a respect for pregnancy as a state of health, and childbirth as a normal physiological process. The practice of midwifery is founded on the understanding that pregnancy, labour and birth are profound experiences which carry significant meaning for a woman, her family and her community. Midwives strive to enhance these life experiences, providing continuity of care within a relationship of mutual respect with a woman and her family.

Midwives promote decision-making as a shared responsibility between the woman, her family and her caregivers, by providing relevant, objective information and counselling to facilitate informed choice. The mother is recognized as the primary decision-maker. Midwives respect a woman’s right to choice of care, caregiver and place of birth. Fundamental to midwifery care is the understanding that a woman’s caregiver respect and support her so that she may give birth safely, with power and dignity.

Midwifery is traditionally holistic, combining an understanding of the social, emotional, cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of a woman’s reproductive experience. Midwives promote wellness in women, babies and families, both as autonomous practitioners and in collaboration with other health care providers. With midwifery care, the woman is the centre of the childbirth experience and a great influence on the health and well-being of herself and her family. The practice of midwifery is based on the individual, recognizing each woman’s unique strengths and needs. Midwifery care promotes self-care, growth, awareness and confidence and is delivered in a manner that is flexible, creative, empowering and supportive (from CMM).

Prenatal care

Here is an example of what you can expect when you are cared for by PMH midwives.

  • All midwives at the midwifery services are registered with the College of Midwives of Manitoba to provide primary and comprehensive prenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care to low risk women planning to give birth at the hospital or out of hospital within Brandon city limits.
  • Registered midwives are autonomous primary healthcare providers can consult or refer clients to other healthcare providers as needed.
  • Individualized, culturally sensitive care.
  • An assumption that pregnancy is a normal, healthy state.
  • Time to ask questions, discuss desires and expectations, and get to know each midwife and student on your team.
  • Information and support.
  • An expectation that you will participate in all decisions regarding your care.
  • Regular risk assessment, including blood pressure monitoring, abdominal palpation to check baby’s position and baby’s heart beat checks at every visit.
  • Routine blood tests.
  • Referrals for ultrasound and consultation to our community partners as needed.
  • If you are accepted into care, midwives are on call and available to you 24 hours a day.

General frequency of visits

  • Start care in the first trimester, around 12 weeks
  • Monthly visits until approximately 28 weeks
  • Every two weeks until approximately 36 weeks
  • Weekly visits until 41 weeks
  • Closer fetal surveillance during the 41st week (normally every 3 days)
  • More frequent visits may be needed based on assessment and consultation with your midwife.

When your baby is due

  • Your due date at 4o weeks is really more of a due ‘ZONE’
  • You may give birth anytime from 37 weeks up to 42 weeks
  • First time moms often give birth closer to 41 weeks. Statistically, you’re likely to have your baby at 41 weeks plus 3 days (67%).


  • You have the option to deliver either in the hospital
  • Or you may deliver out of hospital within Brandon city limits.

Postpartum care

  • The postpartum period is a transitional time for mother and baby, and the family; emotionally, socially, and physiologically. We provide ongoing postpartum care for 6 weeks.
  • During your postpartum period, we make assessments, develop plan of care, take appropriate action and continue to evaluate care for both mother and baby.
  • Offer breastfeeding advice and support

Program Members

  • Alfred Sankoh (RM)
  • Jenna Mennie Clarke (RM)
  • Kailan Robinson (RM)
  • Juliette Adetudimu (RM)
  • Baileigh Kaptein (RM)
  • Susan Frank
  • Fortuna Osivwemu (RM)

Resources and Links

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