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Emergency Department

March 2023 Donations to PMH

Russell Palliative Care Committee donates for bed purchase

Pictured clockwise from l-r are Louise Trinder Ethel Lungal, Lynette Snow, Russell Care Team Manager Abbey Vorlicek and Darlene Witty. (With picture/files from Russell Banner).

The  Russell and Area Palliative Care Committee recently contributed towards the purchase of  a special medical bed for the Russell Health Centre. The bed has an alternating pressure mattress, which was developed for the comfort of patients to help prevent bed-sores and skin break down. It’s also longer than others to help accommodate taller people. It is through very generous contributions, donated through the Palliative Care program, that the Committee is able to assist with much-needed purchases like these.

The Russell and Area Palliative Care Committee and Prairie Mountain Health thanks everyone for their heartfelt contributions that continue to benefit the Russell Health Centre.

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February is Eating Disorder Awareness Month

Did you know? Eating Disorders have the highest overall mortality rate of any mental illness in Canada. While eating disorders are serious mental health conditions, they are also treatable. Unfortunately, research indicates that the majority of people with eating disorders don’t seek treatment, or when they do there are lengthy delays in receiving treatment. Many factors influence the development of an eating disorder including biological factors like genetics, psychological factors like mental health, and social factors like cultural attitudes around food and appearance. Those that struggle with their identity and self-image, dieting and weight loss, body dissatisfaction, experience weight stigma, as well as those who have experienced trauma are at risk. Eating disorders don’t discriminate, they affect people from all ages, genders, racial and ethnic identities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, and body sizes. Contrary to the public and even medical assumptions, eating disorders do not have a certain look to them. People living in large bodies can be affected by anorexia nervosa, just like people living in smaller bodies can be affected by binge eating disorder.

Here are some ways to counteract the negative social messages around food and bodies:

Help others (and yourself) develop self-esteem based on qualities other than physical appearance: Comment on and affirm characteristics that are not related to the body, but rather skills, talents, personality traits, passions, achievements, etc.

Get rid of your diet and your scale: Learn to understand your body and listen to its cues. Your weight is not a measurement of your health or self-worth. Learn about the Health at Every Size® philosophy.

Avoid labeling food as good or bad: Labeling food as good or bad ties morality to food. Food is morally neutral, as is body size. When food is tied to morality it can lead to feelings of guilt and shame around food leading to disordered eating like restricting, bingeing, and hiding eating behaviours.

Stand up against size or body-based bullying: Do not encourage or laugh at jokes that make fun of anyone’s body or size (including your own). A person’s worth and morality are not related to how they look. Celebrate body diversity.

Criticize the culture that promotes unhealthy body image, not yourself: Look at how encouraging people to dislike their bodies helps to sell products. Encourage people to question, evaluate and respond to the messages that promote unhealthy body image and low self-esteem.

Do you spend most of your day thinking about food and your body?

Do you avoid meals, restrict certain foods, binge eat, or purge after eating?

Do you feel guilty or out of control when eating?

Do you think that life will only be good if an ideal weight is achieved?

If you answer yes to any combination of these thoughts and behaviors, you may have an eating disorder. There are programs in Manitoba which can help you wherever you are on the journey to recovery.

Where to get help:

More resources

Eating Disorders in Canada – NIED
Eating Disorders Manitoba

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World Cancer Day is February 4

It’s World Cancer day on February 4th. This event aims to save millions of preventable deaths yearly by raising awareness about the disease. This year the World Cancer Day’s agenda is to ‘Close the Care Gap’ and promote equitable care for everyone. The Prairie Mountain Health Navigation Services Team is here to support patients and health care providers, from the time of clinical suspicion of cancer and through the diagnostic period to treatments. We help anyone recently diagnosed with cancer, to understand their diagnosis, care plan, and assist through the cancer journey with resources and other helpful supports. Please help us ‘Close the Care Gap’, by connecting with us in Navigation Services.

Prairie Mountain Health Navigation Services Team
Front row: Tanis – Navigation Clerk, Katy – Nurse Navigator, Michelle – Registered Dietitian
Second row: Audrey – Nurse Navigator, Jannelle – Oncology Social Worker
Third row: Joyce – Community Engagement Liaison, Kelsey – Nurse Navigator
Back: Angela – Oncology Social Worker

“No person with cancer should have to spend more time fighting their way through the cancer care system than fighting their disease”.

H. Freeman, MD

Community Engagement Liaison, Joyce Gibson

Community Engagement Liaison

In the Prairie Mountain Health Region (PMH), there are several Community Cancer programs (CCPS) offering cancer treatments and services. One of the services offered is that of the Community Engagement Liaison. Joyce Gibson fills this role within the PMH region. Joyce focuses on serving the Under-Served Population Program (UPP), First Nations, Metis, Inuit, Seniors, LGBTQ, Immigration Services and low-income residents. The Community Engagement Liaison works with communities providing support and information regarding cancer prevention and the importance of early detection and cancer screening.

These services are provided free of charge. You can contact Joyce about attending your Health Fair, Clinic, Community Event etc.

For more information, please contact Joyce Gibson at 204-638-2198 or

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This Donation Page is populated by submissions from our staff, the public, local Auxiliaries and Foundations. If a donation has been made to your local facility please send a photo and a brief write up to the Communications Department. We would like the opportunity to share it with the rest of our staff and the public. Please email your submissions to

HERO Club Receives Donation

HERO Club Donation

The Dauphin HERO Club received a boost from Fusion Credit Union to the tune of $1,000 through Fusion’s ‘Full Circle Fund’. The fund assists communities served by the Credit Union and the contribution will go towards construction of a new shed for the HERO Club’s well-recognized Hot Dog Cart.  From front (l-r) are: Francis Jackson, Lori Bogoslowski, HERO Club Activity Instructor,  Kelly Marceniuk and Dauphin Fusion Credit Union representatives Amber Fedirchuk and Kelli Zeiler. From back (l-r), and representing Prairie Mountain Health, are Anish Arapurathu Rajasekharan Pillai, Mental Health Proctor and Shantelle Rank, Registered Psychiatric Nurse.  Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) provides coordination and other assistance to the HERO Club through its mental health program.  Dauphin is one of four HERO Club sites within the health region. Roblin, Russell and Swan River are the others.

U18 AAA Parkland Rangers donates to cancer units within PMH

Members of the U18 AAA Parkland Rangers were on hand in three local communities January 12 to present proceeds from their ‘Hockey Fights Cancer Night’, which was held back on Oct. 25, 2022 when the team played host to the U18 Brandon Wheat Kings. The annual recognition night raised a total of $3,600 dollars, with a split of $1,200 each presented to three Community Cancer Programs within the Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) region. Chemotherapy Units in Dauphin, Russell and Swan River were grateful to receive the contributions, which were primarily raised through game night donations, door prizes and a raffle draw.

Prairie Mountain Health and CancerCare Manitoba sincerely appreciate the generous donations. (With pictures and files from Russell Banner and Swan Valley Star and Times.)

DAUPHIN Pictured from l-r) Chase Glover, Linden Smigelsky, Sam Swanton, Shelley Tokarchuk, DRHC Cancer Care Community Program, Madden Murray, Terrie Strong, DRHC CCCP, Kyler Swanton, Ryan Gower and Skyler Carriere.
SWAN RIVER Pictured (l-r) Tavyn Boychuk, Jackson Badwoski and PMH Registered Nurses Kristie Poole and Kelly Burick, along with Bo Eisner and Andrew Pidskalny.
RUSSELL Pictured from (l-r) Lisa Derkach, Community Cancer Program nurse, Hayden Seib, Dru Mushumanski, Dr. Wickus Pieterse and Abbey Vorlicek, Care Team Manager for Russell Health Centre.

Donation to Russell Health Centre

Darryl Fuz General Manager of the Paterson Grain Terminal in Binscarth presented a cheque for 10,000.00 to Care Team Manager Abbey Vorelick. The donation is from The Paterson Family Foundation. The funds are to be utilized for the 2023 year towards emergency care and services provided by the Russell Health Centre. Darryl stated that they chose to donate to the Russell Health Centre because of all the great work that is done. This is the fourth year in a row that Paterson Family Foundation has donated $10,000.00. This donation will be used to purchase a Glide Scope, the donation for the 2022 year from Paterson Family Foundation was used to purchase new treatment chairs.

All donations made to the Russell Health Centre are used to enhance the services, care and comfort of the patients and clients that access the Health Centre.

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BRHC Auxiliary exceeds $6 million milestone, commits to half million in 2023

Maternity Ward staff by a maternity birthing bed funded by the BRHC Auxiliary

The Brandon Regional Health Care (BRHC) Auxiliary continues its generous and giving ways by reaching and exceeding the $6-million milestone in contributions.

The Auxiliary contributed to the purchases of several pieces of hospital equipment totaling nearly $284,000 for BRHC in 2022, which include:

  • Maternity birthing beds (Three beds totaling $63,000).
  • Colonoscopes and Gastroscopes (totaling $160,000).
  • Warming units for surgical suites (totaling $43,500) – used to warm up fluids and blankets.
  • Holter monitors (totaling $19, 200) – a small wearable device that records the heart’s rhythm. It is used to detect or determine the risk of irregular heartbeats.

The Auxiliary is committing to purchase an additional $528,000 for BRHC in the coming year, including funding for three bariatric beds (wider beds for comfort) at the cost of $98,000 and a vein finder (used to help identify veins in patients where they are difficult to visualize/find) totaling just over $27,000. BRHC Auxiliary raises funds from sales at the BRHC Gift Shop and Nearly New Shop located at 601 9th Street in Brandon. The group has been very fortunate to also receive a few generous estate funds within the last few years.

Marlene Brichon and Linda Noto – Auxiliary Members standing by a recently purchased bariatric bed

In 2017, the BRHC Auxiliary celebrated 125 years of dedication and commitment to health care in the Westman area. In 2016, the organization noted the milestone of $ 4 million in equipment purchases (since 1980).

Linda Noto Auxiliary member with a staff person from the Cardiology Department and the Holter Monitors
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Donations For PMH

Shannon Nickle, Neepawa Health Centre and Andy Ilagan, Theresa’s husband

Elite Intellicare Staffing

Neepawa Health Centre and Prairie Mountain Health are grateful for the generous donation of $10,000 from Elite Intellicare Staffing. The donation was given in memory of Theresa Ilagan who founded the company. She was a dedicated nurse and through her work she enjoyed coming to the Neepawa Health Centre and other health care facilities throughout Prairie Mountain Health. Theresa’s husband Andy said his wife was a woman of physical and inner beauty, with a heart filled with love and kindness for others. A woman who took great delight in helping people.

PMH along with the Neepawa Health Centre would once again like to thank Elite for the generous donation in her memory.

Lisa Derkach, Russell Cancer Care Unit Nurse accepts donation from local resident Greg Setter

Russell Cancer Care Unit Donation

Fundraising efforts continue for the Cancer Care Unit expansion at Russell Health Centre. Local resident Greg Setter was a successful applicant for a community grant, totaling $2,500 through a program sponsored by Bayer Crop Science Canada.

The Canada’s Farmers Grows Communities program, in association with Manitoba Agriculture in the Classroom, realizes the value of growing local communities. Accepting the cheque for the Expanding Community Cancer Program is Lisa Derkach, Russell Cancer Care Unit Nurse. Fundraising is continuing to pay for Unit furnishings and a new parking lot for the Centre. PMH sincerely thanks Mr. Setter and all who have contributed to the expansion project.

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Support the Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation This Holiday Season

It is a busy time of year for the Brandon Regional Health Centre (BRHC) Foundation. Their 29th Annual “Tree of Lights” fundraiser will run through December and is a wonderful and heartfelt way to remember and memorialize a loved one or to honour someone special.

With your donation, a personalized tree tag will be hung on the “Tribute Trees” in the BRHC’s atrium. Your tribute gift will also help light up the evergreens in the traffic loop at BRHC. This year there are two gift options under the tree that you can choose from to put your donation towards:

  • Gift #1 – Family room furniture for the Maternity Unit ($10,000)
  • Gift #2 – Blood pressure machines for 400 Medicine X3 ($16,800)

With a minimum donation of $15, you will receive a tax receipt.

In addition to the Tree of Lights, the “Holiday Around the World” WestJet raffle also takes place in December! Win a trip for 2 people to any scheduled WestJet destination. The draw takes place on Friday, December 16, at 2 pm. Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to BRHC’s Pediatric/Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Tickets are 3/$20 or 1/$10 and are still available!

For more information or to donate or purchase a ticket, please visit the BRHC Foundation website, call 204-578-4227, email: or visit the BRHC Foundation office on the main floor of the Brandon Regional Health Centre at 150 McTavish Ave E.

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Donations for PMH October

Former resident donates artwork to Erickson Health Centre

The walls of the Erickson Health Centre are a little brighter thanks to a recent donation from a former resident. Vera Johnson, who was born in Erickson, donated a painting depicting a soothing scene within Riding Mountain National Park.

“As I neared retirement from teaching in Alberta, I became interested in painting. An oil painting course offered by a local artist excited me. My first attempts at painting were subjects that I drew from childhood memories. These were of my childhood home in Manitoba, my grandparents, their home and local places of interest. So, I decided to do a series of paintings related to the Park.

The painting is entitled “Family Fun at Clear Lake”. Johnson says it conveys feelings of togetherness with beloved family and friends and elicits a sense of relaxation by being by the waters of Clear Lake.

“On many occasions when I have visited hospitals where I live in Edmonton, I am always uplifted by the art work I see. My hope is that this painting will bring a smile to those who visit Erickson Health Centre.

PMH sincerely thanks Johnson for her thoughtful and insightful donation.

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Donations for PMH

Memorial Ride raises funds for DRHC

Nearly 100 motorcyclists took part in the 5th Annual Memorial Ride in late August 2022 as participants and supporters contributed towards fundraising efforts for the Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC). The Memorial Ride made its way through Parkland-area communities, which included a route that ended up in Rossburn.

The event is spearheaded by Tony’s Auto Electric and JDS Laundromat in Dauphin.

This year, the 300 kilometre Memorial Ride raised a total of $3000 that was donated back to the health centre through the Dauphin Hospital Foundation.

The Dauphin Hospital Foundation and Dauphin Regional Health Centre sincerely thanks all who contributed to this memorable cause.

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