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Emergency Department

Project Reset

With the increased use of screens by children and youth in their every day lives, parents and teachers are concerned about the impact on sleep, ability to concentrate and excessive use. Digital technology is here to stay, so there is a need to “reset” and find balance in the digital world we live in.

What is Project Reset?

Project Reset is an initiative focused on engaging with the school community and parents to create awareness about digital well-being and how to build skills to create screen time balance, digital literacy and strong digital citizenship both in the classroom and with families at home.

Our Vision

To build opportunities for children, schools and families to discover digital well-being through education, advocacy, and community action.

Who are the Partners Involved?

How to Get Involved – Start the Conversation


  • Make a commitment to addressing screen time balance and internet safety in your school
  • Incorporate the Project Reset lessons and activities into each grade level


  • Work together to create a balanced and safe approach to how screens are used in your home
  • Make and regularly review a family media plan


  • Reflect on your own screen use
  • Prioritize screen activities that are educational, active or social over screen activities that are passive, unsocial and/or potentially harmful.

Printable & Sharable Resources

Parent and General Public Resources

Teachers – Resources and Lesson Plans

We acknowledge and credit Common Sense Education’s K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum for their noteworthy lesson plans, which have played a crucial role in Project Reset. While Common Sense Education’s lesson plans were not initially created for our project, their relevance and quality have allowed us to integrate them seamlessly into our initiative. We have combined these valuable resources with our own, creating a comprehensive package for teachers to utilize in schools. We are grateful for their contribution and commitment to fostering healthy screen habits in educational environments. All efforts have been made to ensure proper attribution and compliance with copyright laws.

Creative Project Contest

Interested in Project Reset?  Contact A Prairie Mountain Health Representative!

Brandon Schools

Nikki Dean

Phone: 204-578-2194

[email protected]

Rural Schools

Tara Smith

Phone: 204-328-6215

[email protected]

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