Home Care Program


The Prairie Mountain Health Home Care Program is a community-based program that provides home support to individuals, regardless of age, who require health services or assistance with activities of daily living. Home Care works with individuals and provides assistance to help them stay in their homes for as long as is safely possible.




  • Eligibility for Home Care
  • Home Care Services
  • Personal Care Home Placement
  • Services to Seniors
  • Other Resources

Residents of Manitoba may access home care for an assessment of eligibility for home care services. Anyone may refer an individual to the Home Care Program for assessment of his or her eligibility. This can be done by contacting the nearest home care office (click here). Assessments are done by case coordinators who are health care professionals. The case coordinator assigned to you will meet with you and your family to discuss your care needs and how best to meet these needs.

This assessment will determine:

  • Whether you are eligible for the program;
  • How to help you and your family organize the help available to you;
  • How to access community resources available to you;
  • What services you may require from home care;
  • When assessed serves are required in an educational setting or in the workplace;


  • Whether your need for care is best met in another care setting.

Based on the assessment completed by the Case Coordinator, the following Home Care services may be available.:

(*to find a case coordinator nearest you please click here)


  • Assessment and Care Planning for Home Care services, including Palliative Care, and/or Personal Care Home Placement, including Supportive Housing.
  • Case Management/ Case Coordination
  • Assistance with Personal Care and Activities of Daily Living
  • Nursing Care - ie treatments, dressing, etc
  • Respite Care - to relieve primary caregivers through in home respite or respite in a designated bed in facility.
  • Adult Day Program - a structured community based program providing social stimulation to individuals and respite to caregivers.
  • Therapy Services - assessment in client's home by physiotherapist or occupational therapist.
  • Equipment/Medical Supplies - to support the provision of care at home
  • Home Oxygen Program - the provision of oxygen concentrators and professional follow up for eligible individuals who require continuous oxygen.
  • Self Managed Care/Family Managed Care Options
  • Supportive Housing - provides access to 24-hour support and supervision within a group setting for frail and/or cognitively impaired persons who can no longer safely manage in the community with the support of family and the Home Care programs but are not yet ready for Personal Care Home placement.

Personal Care Home Placement

A personal care home may be the appropriate care setting when:

  • You can no longer remain safely at home even with home care services; and
  • The services you need can be provided more effectively, safely and economically in a personal care home.

Application Process

The application form for personal care home admission is provided by your case coordinator and is signed by you. The form includes medical, nursing and other information about you. Once completed, the application is reviewed to decide whether you are eligible for admission to a personal care home.

There may be a waiting period before you are admitted to the personal care home. During this time, home care services may be provided to you as necessary.

If you require admission immediately or are in hospital awaiting placement, you may be asked to accept placement in a different care facility until you can be admitted to the personal care home of your choice.

*(to find a case coordinator nearest you please click here)

Support Services to Seniors

Support Services to Seniors programs are community based programs (grant funded by Prairie Mountain Health) for seniors that support health and well being and provides support and assistance for seniors and individuals living with disabilities to maintain their independence in the community. Based on the needs of the community, a wide range of support services are developed such as meal programs, volunteer opportunities, grocery shopping, transportation, friendly visiting, foot care, personal emergency response systems, escort to appointments, counseling, ERIK, filling out forms, support groups, socialization, advocacy, assistance with errands, snow removal and home maintenance.

Community Resource Councils - are non-profit organizations, which help ensure that support services are available and accessible to the seniors and person with disabilities by assisting them in maintaining their independent living status.

Congregate Meal Programs - are a community based meal service that is intended to increase opportunities for seniors to enjoy well-balanced affordable meals in a social setting. Nutritious meals are offered to seniors three to seven days per week.


Senior Supports in Group Living (SSGL)

SSGL provides a range of services in group living/elderly persons housing that will assist the resident with Instrumental Activities of Daily of Living (IADLs) in order to remain independent with support in the community and "Age in Place". IADLs are life management skills such as shopping, telephone use, meals, banking procedures, assistance with filling out forms, setting up appointments, making travel arrangements to the appointments and in the development of group socialization , rec activities and exercise programs.

Some Examples of Group Activities - crafts, games, exercise groups, bingo

Health Promotion Sessions - Falls prevention, diabetes and heart health, healthy Brandon, emergency response information kits (ERIK), wellness programs.


Supportive Housing 

The supportive housing program provides access to 24 hour support and supervision within a group setting for frail and/or cognitively impaired persons who can no longer safely manage in the community, with the support of family and the Home Care program, but are not yet ready for personal care home placement.


For more information or for general questions please call one of our Supervisors for Seniors Programs:

Shoal Lake Office

Phone:  1-204-759-2686

Dauphin Office

Phone:  204-629-3018

Brandon Office

Phone:  204-578-2360