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Canned sardines are a quick, easy, economical protein choice. These small fish are rich in omega-3 oils, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin D and selenium. They are, as grandma said, brain food and many of these nutrients are important in brain function and heart health. There are more than 20 species of fish that can be classed as sardines. New Brunswick is home to Canada’s only sardine canning facility. Sardines come packed in oil, tomato sauce and water. If you are looking for milder fish taste go for the ones packed in water.  There are many ways to enjoy sardines including the classic sardine on toast. Try mixing up flavours like onion and mustard or tomato and cucumber. If you don’t like to look at the fish while you eat it, smash it up and add to your tuna salad. They’re great in stir-fry’s or pastas. Try this sardine pasta casserole BRUNSWICK® QUICK AND EASY SARDINE PASTA CASSEROLE – Brunswick® Seafood

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