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Emergency Department

Addictions Services

At least 1 in 5 Canadians experience problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling during their lifetime. Many more are affected by someone they care about experiencing these struggles. People of all ages and backgrounds experience these issues – and make positive changes.

Our Services

How to Access Our Services

Individuals wanting to attend community based or in-house treatment programs must first meet with a Community Addictions Worker to do the intake and assessment process. Information is gathered to determine level of involvement with alcohol, substance use and/or gambling and information is provided for services available and/or recommended.

Currently in the Brandon-Parkwood Community Office, intake services are available by phone appointments only during the following times: Monday and Wednesday 9:00-16:00 and Friday 9:00-12:00. In person intake appointments are available upon request. The drop-in in person intake group will be offered soon. In all other locations (including, Dauphin, Swan River, Virden, Rossburn, Minnedosa, and Boissevain) intake services are assigned to next available counsellor and are scheduled appointments.

Should the client decide they are interest in accessing one of the in-house treatment programs the community addictions worker will make the referral to the program.

Prevention & Education

Addictions Services offers a variety of prevention, education, and training services within the Parkland and Westman areas. Staff are available to provide educational workshops, presentations, courses and resources to community organizations, groups, schools, etc. and may be requested on a variety of topics that are designed to provide material specific to the target audience. Topics may include, but aren’t limited to youth and substance use; information for parents; impaired driving; effects of alcohol, drugs, and gambling; effects of vaping; etc.
Services can be requested through the Brandon-Parkwood Community Office or Dauphin Community Office locations. The Prevention Education Consultants will travel to locations within PMH to provide requested services.

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Community Based Adult Services

Available for individuals experiencing problems with substance use and/or gambling who have family or community supports in place and do not require the intensive daily intervention of an in-house treatment program. Services include assessment, individual or group counselling, information, rehabilitation planning, aftercare, and ongoing supports. Services available across PMH and can be provided in person or virtually.

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Family Program

The Family Program offers families and friends of those affected by someone else’s alcohol, drugs, or gambling related issues support through counselling, information and education services including Individual Counselling, the Family Information Series (held every third Thursday of each month from 19:00-21:00), the Family Awareness Series (consisting of 4 sessions-Codependency/Feelings, Detachment/Boundaries, Shame/Reflecting Back, Communication/Caring for Ourselves), or the Re-parenting Program. Registration is available through the Brandon-Parkwood Community Office.

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Non-Residential Treatment Program (NRTP)

Consisting of 14 group sessions, the non-residential treatment program (NRTP) is offered on a weekly basis. It is a group discussion on a range of topics including, but not limited to boundaries; post acute withdrawal; communication; triggers & cravings; values; substance use & the family system and more. There is a max of 8 participants per group and all participants must be connected to a Community Addictions Worker. Completion certificates may be provided to those who have attended all sessions.
Currently available by registration at the Brandon-Parkwood Office location every Tuesday from 16:30-17:30. Dauphin Community office is hoping to offer it soon at their location as well.

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RE/ACT Program (Recovery Education for Addictions & Complex Trauma)

The RE/ACT program addresses the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of healing for people who suffer from addictions and trauma. The program consists of two parts-Phase 1 (4 weeks) and Phase 2 (8 weeks) which explore different topics including but not limited to anger, emotions, conflict, relationships, boundaries, grief, complex trauma, shame, etc. While in the program, participants are expected to complete homework assigned by counsellors, be punctual and attend daily, and remain abstinent for the duration of the program. RE/ACT runs Monday-Friday 14:30-16:30 through the Brandon-Parkwood location. Participants do need a referral to enroll.

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BCC Assessments (Brandon Correctional Centre)

Through partnership with the Brandon Correctional Centre, Addictions Services offers assessments on a referral basis. Referrals can be made by the client, Addictions staff, BCC staff, Probations, Lawyers and CFS with client’s knowledge and permission. Assessments are for new referrals only who are already sentenced, or if on remand have an idea of their release date. Clients who already have assigned counsellors are not eligible and there is no one-on-one counselling available for BCC clients at this time. An assigned Community Addictions Worker in the Brandon-Parkwood location works with the BCC.

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Impaired Driver’s Program

Under Manitoba’s Highway Traffic Act, any Manitoban convicted of impaired driving under the Criminal Code of Canada, or anyone in receipt of an administrative suspension is required by Driver and Vehicle Licensing to enter the Impaired Driver Program.
An assessment with Addictions Services is required before a driver’s license can be reinstated. Based on the assessment, follow-up programming is offered on a continuum ranging from an education workshop to in-house or community-based treatment programming. With the offender’s authorization, assessment results are reported to Driver and Vehicle Licensing.
NOTE: There is a $625.00 new assessment fee and a $50.00 reassessment fee for the Impaired Driver Program.
Available by appointment only at the Parkland Community Office, the Brandon-Parkwood Community Office, and all Satellite Office locations.

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Auricular Acupuncture

Offered to individuals and/or groups at both in-house and community office locations, auricular acupuncture focuses on 5 designated ear points in each outer ear. Some benefits of the treatment include: improved program retention; a more optimistic and cooperative attitude toward recovery; reductions in cravings and anxiety; reduction in sleep disturbance. National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) trained clinicians perform the auricular acupuncture. Auricular Acupuncture is not available as a stand-alone treatment option, but is coupled with either community based or in-house treatment. It is utilized as a mindfulness and engagement tool for clients. It will be offered at the Brandon-Parkwood Community office, Dauphin Community office, Willard Monson House Treatment Centre and Parkwood Treatment Centre locations soon.

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MOST Clinic (Manitoba Opioid Support & Treatment)

The MOST Clinic is a harm reduction program available to clients experiencing difficulties with opioid dependence. It provides opioid replacement therapy along with medical monitoring and individual counselling. The clinic is open Monday-Friday at the Brandon-Parkwood location.

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RAAM Clinics (Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine)

RAAM clinics are walk-in clinics for adults with high-risk substance use and addiction or who may have substance-related health issues such as hepatitis, pancreatitis, and infections. The clinics provide addiction services such as education/information, counselling, medications, and other supports such as referrals to withdrawal management services or in-house treatment centres. RAAM clinics are walk-in based with no appointment or referral required. The RAAM clinical team consists of a physician, counsellor and nurse who will provide follow-up supports to clients.

Click here for more information, including locations and hours.

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School Based Services

Through partnerships with school divisions within the Parkland and Westman regions, Addictions Services provides services for students, parents, and school administration. Services include youth assessments and counselling on an as needed basis; family counselling and education; consultation on school policy and development; awareness and education sessions; consultation and education to community groups. Services are provided to youth experiencing their own struggles with alcohol and/or drugs, as well as who are affected by their family’s use of alcohol and/or drugs.
We currently have a Youth Worker who attends Rorketon School weekly from the Dauphin Office.
In Brandon we have Youth Workers who attend Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School, Ecole Secondaire Neelin High School, Prairie Hope High School, and Vincent Massey High School.

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Youth Services

Counsellors in community office locations will provide individual counselling, information, support, and information services to youth with alcohol, drug and/or gambling issues or affected by family members experiencing struggles with alcohol and/or drugs.

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In-House Treatment Programs

Through individual and group counselling, discussion groups, lectures, and videos the 21-day co-ed in-house treatment program addresses problems related to alcohol, other drugs, and/or gambling. Our locations include Parkwood In-House Treatment Centre in Brandon and Willard Monson House In-House Treatment Centre in Ste. Rose du Lac. Both locations are open and staffed 24 hours 7 days a week including holidays. Referrals to the program are required prior to intake.

Parkwood Brandon will be piloting a 9 week program starting in May of 2023.

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Our Locations

All | B D M R S V
There are currently 10 names in this directory
  578 Cook Street, Box 58, Boissevain, MB R0K 0E0
  204-534-2100   204-534-2101 ***Travels to Killarney and Souris

Brandon - CEYS
  940 Princess avenue, Brandon, MB, R7A 0P6

Brandon 7th Street Health Access Centre
  20 - 7th Street, Brandon, MB

Brandon School Division Offices
Located in: Neelin High School Vincent Massey High School Prairie Hope Crocus Plains High School

404-1st Ave NE, Dauphin, MB, R7N 1A9
  204-622-2021   204-638-6077

  Box 1079, Minnedosa, MB, R0J 1E0
  204-867-6102   204-867-5140 ***Travels to Erickson, Neepawa and Carberry to provide services weekly or as needed.

 10 Main Street, Box 399, Rossburn, MB, R0J 1V0
  204-859-4000   204-859-4001 **Travels to Russell and Birtle to provide services on weekly or bi-weekly basis

Ste. Rose du Lac Health Centre
  603-1st Ave E, Ste. Rose du Lac, MB R0L 1S0

Swan River
  126-6th Ave N, Box 141, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0
  204-734-2030   204-734-9509

283 Nelson Street W, Box 2500, Virden, MB, R0M 2C0
  204-748-4720   204-748-4721

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