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Palliative Care Volunteering Weaves Us Together

Across Canada, National Volunteer Week (April 16 – 23) celebrates the individual and collective actions that volunteers participate in to create strong, interconnected and vibrant communities.  The Palliative Care Volunteer Service would like to acknowledge and applaud the contributions of over 200 palliative care volunteers in many communities across Prairie Mountain Health.

The Palliative Care Volunteer Service is comprised of a network of 19 community service groups who are dedicated to the improvement of palliative care in their local community.  Palliative care volunteers come alongside, and complement, the existing professional services to provide compassionate, non-medical support, to clients and families.  Volunteers share a sense of interconnectedness and hold the thread of common hope, “that at some time, or in some way, we will all face the end of life; and when that time comes we will have the love and support of our family and the greater community” (Holly, Palliative Care Volunteer)

Palliative care volunteers weave professional and community based-supports together; strengthening the fabric of our community by sharing their time, talent and energy.  Volunteers can be called upon to offer client companionship, caregiver respite, practical resources, end of life vigil sitting and bereavement follow-up.  Volunteers also engage in activities that promote palliative care awareness, such as fundraisers, advocacy events and educational opportunities.   Volunteers weave together many threads that collectively reinforce the need for palliative care and the value of a gentle touch, listening ear and a compassionate community. In 2022, volunteers contributed over 2,500 hours in support of palliative care!

Thank you to all of our vibrant and dedicated volunteers in the following service groups: Birtle Palliative Care Committee, Boissevain Palliative Care Committee, Carberry Palliative Care Committee, Deloraine Palliative Care Committee, Erickson and District Palliative Care Committee, Glenboro Palliative Care Committee, Hamiota Palliative Care Committee, Killarney Palliative Care Committee, Melita Palliative Care Committee,  Minnedosa Palliative Care Committee, Neepawa and District Palliative Care Committee, Reston Palliative Care Committee, Riverdale Palliative Care Committee, Rossburn Palliative Care Committee, Russell Palliative Care Committee, Shoal Lake Palliative Care Committee, Souris Palliative Care Committee, Virden Palliative Care Committee and Westman Hospice (Brandon)

If you would like to learn more about the Palliative Care Volunteer Service please contact Palliative Care Volunteer and Bereavement Coordinator, Carla Mitchell, 204-578-2310 or visit our website.

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