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Emergency Department


The Health Care Aide provides direct client care and environmental support within established standards of care, policies and procedures. The Health Care Aide functions in meeting the special and changing needs of clients and assisting them in reaching and maintaining optimum health and independence within the limits of their abilities under the direction of the team leader.

Health Care Aides perform a multitude of duties that vary based on what area you work in or the clients they provide care to. Duties include (but not limited to) assisting with activities of daily living, personal hygiene, feeding or making meals, mobility, providing and/or assisting with safety measures, documenting care, ordering/stocking supplies, encouraging or assisting clients to engage in activity programs, communicating any changes to your team leader. All while striving to maintain self-respect, dignity, and independence of clients by encouraging and allowing clients to care for themselves within the limits of their abilities as described in the client’s record.

In a home care setting health care aides work a little more independently going to client’s personal homes, you may perform additional duties such as (but not limited to) assisting clients with their medications, eye drops, or creams, cooking meals, dishes, assisting to appointments, ordering groceries, washing/bathing, dressing, and safety checks. All while respecting clients independence, dignity, privacy, and lifestyle at all times.

Every day is something new as a Health Care Aide!

Certified Health Care Aide

Obtains a certification from a recognized post-secondary institution such as, but not limited to, Red River College- 5 month program Health Care Aide : RRC Polytech: Program Explorer; Assiniboine Community College- 6 month program Comprehensive Health Care Aide | Assiniboine College; University College of the North- 6 month program HEALTH CARE AIDE | Health Care Program (; Robertson College- 6 month program Health Care Aide Diploma Program Winnipeg | Robertson ( Able to work in Acute Care and as a Home Care Attendant.

Uncertified Health Care Aide

Does not obtain a health care aide certification, receives on the job training and orientation. May have training and/or education from a non-recognized program. Able to work in Long Term Care or as an uncertified Home Care Attendant. If you have been working as an uncertified Health Care Aide you may be eligible to apply into a Health Care Aide Challenge program which will consider your hours worked as part of the program, requires you to complete a theory portion and provides you with a certification upon successful completion of the program. Challenge programs can be taken at secondary institutions such as, but not limited to, Assiniboine Community College-Comprehensive Health Care Aide Challenge | Assiniboine College; Robertson College- Health Care Aide Challenge Course in Winnipeg | Robertson College; Length of time varies as programs offer work at your own pace options.

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