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According to Half your plate “cabbage is one of those under loved and misunderstood veggies”.  There are many different types of cabbage available in the grocery store all year.  Half your plate recommends choosing green cabbage heads that are firm, solid and heavy with bright fresh colour.

Cabbage is a low-calorie vegetable, which contains a variety of vitamins and minerals and a good amount of fibre. It is a versatile vegetable that can be used in many different ways. We often associate cabbage with cabbage rolls. If you don’t have time to roll the cabbage, try this unstuffed cabbage roll recipe.

Cabbage can also be purchased pre-shredded in a coleslaw bag. While coleslaw is a quick and easy side dish, the sky is the limit on uses for the coleslaw mix. Here is a quick and simple recipe for Fried Rice, which is a one pot meal using leftovers.

The Canola Growers have published this delicious recipe called Veggie Loaded Noodles, which is a regular request from my family. To make this dish a full meal, we cut up a package of firm tofu that we marinate in the sauce, for 1-12 hours prior to making the recipe.  However, it would also work well if you used cooked chicken, turkey or pork.

Ann Thurlow is a retired CBC broadcaster and writer in Charlottetown and wrote “My PEI Cabbage Cookbook”. She recommends a favourite way to cook cabbage is to chop a cabbage into quarters and roast it for 30 minutes, with “a whole bunch of olive oil on it — and garlic salt, if you’re feeling a little racy.” She notes that “cabbage is a little gift from the universe that far too many Canadians are overlooking.” (CBC The Current from March 10, 2023) So next time you are in the grocery store, don’t walk past the cabbage display but stop and pick one up for your next meal!

Submitted by: Sandra Smith, Registered Dietitian

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