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Are You Craving Change®?

Do you eat when you’re stressed? Do you eat when you’re bored? You are not alone. Many people from all walks of life struggle with their eating. A program called Craving Change® will be offered in Prairie Mountain Health this Fall to help improve people’s relationship with food.

Craving Change® is a registered program in Canada created by dietitian Wendy Shah and clinical psychologist Dr. Colleen Cannon. The program employs a practical, evidence-based approach, which allows people to reflect on the factors influencing their eating behaviours and provide an opportunity for individuals to increase their awareness of personal eating triggers and patterns.

Sherrill-Lee Hyra, a Health Promotion Coordinator, is one of the many facilitators who lead Craving Change® in Prairie Mountain Health. “Food is a big part of our daily lives; it does not simply fuel our body; food can be much more than that. Food is comfort and celebration, and food serves as the foundation of a huge part of our social lives. Here in North America, we live in a society where outside factors greatly affect our eating. The Craving Change® program explores all this and looks at our eating environments and how emotions and learned behaviours influence the decisions we make around food every day,” Hyra said.   

Craving Change® will help you be aware of WHY you eat the way you do, ways to comfort yourself without food, and help develop ways to overcome food cravings.

This free program is designed for people who struggle to maintain healthy eating habits and want to feel more in control of their eating. “This program is not about dieting. It’s about understanding and controlling the behaviours that can lead to overeating,” Hyra said. 

Craving Change® is suitable for adults 18 years of age and older. “Individual diet counselling and teaching are not part of the Craving Change® community classes. Anyone with medical conditions is welcome to attend, but for those who do not understand their individual diet needs, it is recommended to see a Registered Dietitian first. Please call the Healthy Living toll-free telephone number at 1-877-509-7852 to register for Craving Change® or request an appointment with a Dietitian.”

Visit our Public Classes & Activities page to see if there are any Craving Change classes currently being offered. For more information on class dates or to register for this course, contact Prairie Mountain Health, Healthy Living toll-free at 1-877-509-7852.

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