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Primary Health Care


The Primary Health Care philosophy is based on the Population Health Approach:

The goal of a Population Health Approach is to maintain and improve the health status of the entire population and to reduce inequalities in health status between groups and/or sub-groups. Many factors significantly affect and impact the health and health status of Canadians. These factors, called “determinants of health” include: income and social status, social support networks, education, employment and working conditions, physical environments, social environments, biology and genetic endowment, personal health practices and coping skills, healthy child development, health services, gender and culture.

Increase awareness and understanding of PMH employees and the public in the importance of Primary Health Care.

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  • Primary Health Care Services
  • Primary Health Care Locations

Primary Health Care Services


Mobile Clinic

The Mobile Clinic brings primary care to people living in some of the region’s  smaller underserviced communities.  Call for an appointment, or walk in service is generally available.

Click here to read more about the Mobile Clinic including the current schedule.


Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine (RAAM)

RAAM clinics are walk-in clinics for adults (ages 18+) looking to get help with high-risk substance use and addiction. This includes people who want to try medical assistance to reduce or stop their substance use.  No referral needed.  Learn more including clinic hours.

Cervical Screening Clinics

Cervical Screening Clinics in Prairie Mountain Health are regularly scheduled in a variety of locations throughout the region.  Learn More.


Advanced Access

Advanced Access is about reengineering clinic practices so that patients can see physicians or other primary care providers at a time and date that is convenient for them.  The Advanced Access model works to understand the providers’ supply/capacity and demand, balance supply and demand, reduce the number of appointment types, develop contingency plans to sustain the system, reduce and shape the demand for visits and increase effective supply.

Interprofessional Team Initiative 

The development and integration of collaborative interprofessional teams within fee-for-service clinics is a core component of Manitoba Health’s Primary Care Network Strategy.  It is best described as a primary care team that incorporates providers such as nurses, nurse practitioners, allied health workers physician assistants,  and family physicians to contribute to comprehensive patient-centred care, and increase access for Manitobans to primary care

Teen Clinics

Click here to read about Teen Clinics.

Health Promotion/Healthy Living

Information coming soon

Craving Change

Craving Change is an educational program that can help you develop a healthier relationship with food.  If you  struggle with your eating habits, eat for comfort or in response to emotions, or simply want to better understand your own eating behaviours, this program is for you.  Click here for upcoming classes in several of our communities.


Get Better Together!

This program, led by people living with chronic health conditions,  can help you develop a plan to deal with the challenges of an ongoing health concern or disability.  The program offers support and helps build the confidence to manage your health better.  

The program is offered in many communities across the region, as well as online at


Chronic Disease Education Program (CDEP)

The CDEP can help you learn skills and resources to manage your condition such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and others. We can help you set and reach your goals. The nurse and dietitian teams travel on a regular basis to various communities including First Nations throughout PMH. For more information click here or call 1-877-509-7852.


Midwifery Services

Prairie Mountain Health Midwives are a group practice of seven who work within a shared care model providing an excellent standard of obstetrical care.  Self-referral is accepted. 

Midwifery care is based on a respect for pregnancy as a state of health, and childbirth as a normal physiological process.  Midwives strive to enhance these life experiences providing continuity of care within a relationship of mutual respect with a woman and her family.  Midwives promote decision making as a shared responsibility between the woman, her family and her caregivers, by providing relevant, objective information and counseling to facilitate informed choice.  The mother is recognized as the primary decision maker.  Midwives respect a woman’s choice of care, caregiver and place of birth.  Midwives promote wellness in women, babies and families, both as autonomous practitioners and in collaboration with other health care providers.  The practice of midwifery is based on the individual, recognizing each woman’s unique strengths and needs. 

Midwives are skilled experts in low risk normal obstetrical care.  Their scope of practice also covers well woman care, sexual health and contraceptive advice.

Contact Midwifery Services:

Phone: 204-571-5530

We are located at:  531 Princess Avenue Brandon, MB R7A 1S9


Healthy Together Now

This program is a community led, regionally coordinated and government supported initiative to help prvent chronic disease in Manitoba.  Communities within Prairie Mountain Health can apply for funds to implement programs that focus on healthy eating, physical activity, mental well-being and tobacco prevention and reduction.

Healthy Together Now Grant Application, forms and information

Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy is also promoted by Healthy Together Now. We challenge you to be active every day at every age. Think you can do it?!  Physical literacy sometimes gets mixed up with the terms "workout" or "exercise". Being physically literate means to be confident and competent in your movements; try something new, practice what you already know and share joy with your loved ones through movement!

Click here for the Physical Literacy Booklet!  


Move to Healthy Choices

Move to Healthy Choices is an initiative to raise awareness, provide education and make available resources to encourage healthy food choices in recreation facilities where families live, learn and play in Prairie Mountain Health. Move to Healthy Choices toolkit and resources (see link to website below) give communities all the necessary information to begin implementing healthy food choices in facilities and/or enhance and improve upon what they already have available. The goal of this initiative is to see attitude and behavior change among children and adults toward healthier eating, to see recreation facilities as champions for change and for improving quality of life, to lower obesity rates, and to see better performance from athletes due to better nutrition. Families are spending countless hours in community facilities and we want to help communities make the healthy choice the easy choice!

Read more...


Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are primary health care providers who provide a comprehensive, engaging, responsive, respectful service.  Nurse practitioners are registered with the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba and the education requirement is a master’s degree in nursing.  NPs are capable of assessing and diagnosing simple and complex medical problems after reviewing a client’s medical history, completing a thorough physical assessment, ordering and interpreting diagnostic testing as well as prescribing medication and/or treatments.   They have the ability to refer the client to specialists if indicated and have access to many resources to support working in partnership with clients for the  treatment and management of their health care needs, whether acute or chronic. 

There are several  Nurse Practitioner practices serving the following communities in Prairie Mountain Health:

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Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

A free program endorsed by Canada Revenue Agency where volunteers help you file income tax and benefit returns to help people meet their tax obligations and receive all of their entitlements.
Click here for more information.

Primary Health Care Locations


7th Street Health Access Centre 

20 - 7th Street, Brandon 

Ph:  204-578-4800

Clinical services include:  service navigator, housing worker, social worker, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, addictions counselor, mental health counselor, cultural facilitators – Spanish and Mandarin

Amenity services include:  The HAC provides services such as: shower, washer/dryer, phone, voice mail box, faxing and internet access, partnerships with community service providers.




Primary Health Care Centres

These are community health offices where Community Health Nurses, Community Licensed Practical Nurses and Community Health Workers work to provide the following services to community members:

Public Health Nursing including: education for expecting mothers and new mothers, newborn assessments, breastfeeding support, parenting support, immunizations, sexual health and birth control counselling, 

  • Treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, pregnancy testing, chronic disease self-management education and monitoring
  • Collection of blood and other lab samples; dressing changes
  • Health promotion
  • Some centres offer physician clinics as well


Benito Primary Health Care Centre

Box 490 Benito, MB R0L 0C0


Brandon 7th Street Health Access Centre

20 - 7th Street, Brandon, MB,  R7A 6M8


Camperville Primary Health Care Centre

Box 177 Camperville, MB R0L 0J0


Ethelbert Community Resource Centre

Box 156 Ethelbert, MB R0L 0T0


Waterhen Primary Health Care Centre

Box 99 Waterhen, MB R0L 2C0


Ste. Rose Primary Health Care Centre Box 149 Ste. Rose du Lac, MB  R0L 1S0


Swan Valley Primary Care Centre

1000 Main Street  Swan River, MB  R0L 1Z0 204-734-6600