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Emergency Department

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP)

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) is a free service to help low-income individuals with simple tax situations complete and file their income tax and benefit return.

CVITP is a collaboration between community organizations and the Canada Revenue Agency. Through this program, community organizations such as PMH bring together volunteers who prepare income tax returns for free. This program helps ensure that seniors, newcomers, students and all low-income residents maintain access to all the benefits to which they are entitled. This includes GST refunds, Canada Child benefit, MB Rent assist, Disability Tax credits, Pharmacare deductibles and more.

Fact: income and health are directly related.

Better income can lead to better health, education and well-being. Completing an income tax return can improve income by providing access to federal, provincial and local benefits and programs such as:

  • GST refunds
  • Canada Child benefit
  • MB Rent assist
  • Disability Tax credits
  • Pharmacare deductibles and more

Eligibility for this FREE program

You can get your income tax done FREE through this program if you fall under one of the categories below:

  • 1 person with income under $35,000
  • 2 persons with income under $45,000 (each additional dependent add $2,500)
  • 3 persons with income under $47,500 (each additional dependent add $2,500)

If you have any questions regarding the Community Income Tax Volunteer Program or would be interested in volunteering and having the program come to your community contact Brett Turner at [email protected] or 204-578-4812 or 7th Street Health Access Centre at 204-578-4800.

What do I bring?

  • T3, T4, T4a, T5, T5007 forms
  • Receipts for: daycare expenses, charitable donations, rent, tuition, medical expenses (not paid by insurance company.)

If ANY of these conditions apply to you, you are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate:

  • 1 person over $35,000
  • 2 persons over $45,000
  • 3 persons over $47,500
  • 4 persons over $50,000 (add an additional $2500 for each additional person in family)
  • Business income
  • Self-Employed
  • Deceased in year above
  • Bankruptcy (Pre- or Post-)
  • Employment Expenses
  • Rental income
  • Capital Gains
  • Farm Income
  • Investment income over $1000


There are many locations throughout Prairie Mountain Health offering this service. If there is not one in your community, we encourage you to go to one of the other sites.

Note: If you have accessibility issues for any location please call (204) 578 – 4800 or email [email protected] for options.

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There are currently 2 locations in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Camperville Primary Health Care Centre
  Camperville, MB
  Drop Off: March 6th to October 30th
  Mon. – Fri. | 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Carberry Drop In Center
  132 Main Street, Carberry, MB
  Drop Off: March 6th to April 30th
  Mon – Fri | 8:30 am - noon & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  Call for Appointment: 204-834-6613
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