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Prairie Mountain Health was proud to be part of the very first Mobile Clinic initiative in Manitoba. The Mobile Clinic (primary health care bus) began visiting select locations in February 2014.

People living in or near a community served by one of Manitoba's Mobile Clinics can use the clinic as their 'home clinic' - the place where they receive most of their health care, or just access it for some of their every day health care needs.

Staffed by nurse practitioners and registered nurses, they provide on the spot primary care for people living in some of Manitoba's smaller, underserviced communities. The 'clinic on wheels' provides the full range of primary care services, such as physical exams, diagnostic tests, immunizations, referrals, and well baby care.


What is a Mobile Clinic?

Manitoba’s Mobile Clinics are buses that have been specially designed to be fully functional primary care clinics.

They come complete with two exam rooms, a wheelchair lift, and the same medical equipment and technology you would find in any other clinic.

Mobile Clinics improve access to local, on the spot primary care services for people living in Manitoba’s smaller underserviced communities.

Mobile Clinics are staffed with registered nurses and nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed advanced education and training and have passed an approved examination.  A nurse practitioner can prescribe medications, order and manage the results of screening and diagnostic tests and perform minor surgical procedures.

What services will Mobile Clinics provide?

  • Mobile Clinics provide the full range of primary care services including:
  • regular check ups
  • treatment for minor ailments
  • help with managing a chronic disease or condition
  • lab services
  • health promotion and education
  • Immunizations
  • Referrals to other health services or specialists

Can a Mobile Clinic be my regular primary care provider?

Yes. A Mobile Clinic can be your “home clinic” - the place where you receive most of your health care.

What communities will the Mobile Clinic visit?

The Mobile Clinic in Prairie Mountain Health is currently serving the following communities. 

  • Birdtail Sioux First Nation
  • Ebb and Flow First Nation
  • Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation
  • O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation

Why is Manitoba introducing Mobile Clinics?

Mobile Clinics bring reliable access to primary care to people living in some of Manitoba’s smaller underserviced communities. Having access to a regular health care provider will help people living in these communities receive ongoing health care and support close to home. It will also save time and transportation costs for patients, by bringing primary care services to their community.

For more information or to make appointment with the Mobile Clinic in your community


You may also call Family Doctor Finder

Phone:  204-786-7111 in Winnipeg

Toll Free:  1-866-690-8260

TTY/TDD:  204-774-8618

or Toll Free (Manitoba Relay Services):  1-800-855-0511 


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