Virtual Care Is New To Most Of Us

September 2020

The Conquer Silence campaign was not only the focus of Canadian Patient Safety Week in 2019 and is again in 2020, but it is also our first public engagement campaign, working to help members of the public stay safe in our healthcare system.

We are launching a new Conquer Silence theme during Canadian Patient Safety Week 2020. The theme is Virtual Care is New to Us.  Only 10% of Canadians have experience with virtual care1, but 41% would like to have virtual visits with their healthcare providers2.  

The way to make sure you make the most of your virtual appointments is to use the tried and true basics – ask questions and to bring an advocate with you to appointments.

By conquering silence, we work together for better healthcare for us all. 

Stay tuned for tips and tools for both patients and healthcare providers on how to make the most of virtual care appointments.

Virtual Care