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The Rural Graduate Nurse Mentorship Program

A Seamless Transition For New Registered Nurses

Every year, Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) takes the initiative to engage with the graduating Nursing and Health Care Aide classes and coordinates a regional approach to hiring new graduates. The applicable classes at Brandon University, University College of the North, University of Manitoba, Red River College, Assiniboine Community College and Robertson College are approached by PMH by means of class presentations and/or career fairs throughout the year to engage and inform students of rewarding employment opportunities.

From the Bachelor of Nursing (BN) programs, PMH hired approximately 23 students in various positions throughout the Region in 2017/2018. Rural Graduate Registered Nurse mentorship positions were posted in rural facilities that were experiencing higher vacancy needs. The mentorship positions are three- month term positions that allow for an easier transition from student to graduate nurse to fully registered nurse in a rural facility. Seven students took advantage of the Grad Nurse Mentorship positions.

Morgan Stewart began dating a young farmer from the Hamiota area while she was in the nursing program at Brandon University. When she had the opportunity to request a clinical placement for her senior practicum in 4th year, she knew the Hamiota District Health Centre was where she wanted to be. During the 450 hours of senior clinical practice, Morgan found that she loved the facility and rural nursing. She described the staff and management as incredibly welcoming and supportive, and she enjoyed the wide range of patients that she had the privilege to care for.

Morgan held a GN position for two months until she successfully passed her licensing examination and became a Registered Nurse. Morgan has since secured a permanent RN position in the facility.

Morgan stated: "It’s a great program. I was still mentored but less protected than I was in a student role. It really helped with the transition to being an RN."

"I couldn’t be happier. They’ve been wonderful to me here. I’ve settled on a farm in the area and I’m committed for the long-term," Morgan added.

Besides Hamiota District Health Centre, Grad Nurse mentorship positions were posted in Neepawa Hospital (two), Minnedosa Health Centre, Virden Health Centre, Souris Health Centre and Dauphin Regional Health Centre. All the nurses but one remain employed at the same location where they worked as a Grad Nurse in a mentorship position.

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