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The “Home” Project

March 2019

Submitted by Melissa Mahy

What comes to mind when you think of a Personal Care Home (PCH). For many, it’s associated with “institution,” “loss of independence” and nearing “end of life.”

The health care team at the Souris Personal Care Home is striving to change that.  If you have visited lately, you may have seen some changes in the South Wing. Brightly painted walls, new engaging décor and activities on the walls and in areas easily accessible to residents. The goal is about improving person-centered care, giving residents a “home” instead of just personal care.

This is just the beginning of the PCH transformation from “institutional” to “reminding me of home.”  Moving away from “plain and clinical” to “colourful and engaging.” Every wing of the home will be painted in bright colours. These will be chosen based on studies on how colour is seen by the elderly.  The objective is to fill each wall, not just with a random piece of artwork or old photos, but with large, beautiful, canvases and prints of scenes that will spark a memory or feeling of joy.  To have sensory items spread throughout the care home that will stimulate not just the eyes, but ears, sense of touch, perhaps even smell.  Having items available to help residents with dementia find something familiar that connects them to who they were.  For some it may be a doll to hold for comfort or sensory toys that can reduce anxiety. Giving residents the best quality of life, filled with joy and dignity.

Families and the community can play a role. You are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions as we undergo this change. We want to create a home that is geared toward our residents, and no one knows more about them and what is important to them than the people who love them.

To find out ways you can help us make this transformation possible, please contact Karen Thomas - Care Team Manager at 204-483-6207 or Melissa Mahy - Clinical Resource Nurse at 204-483-6216. We are excited to have you on this journey with us as we turn this “PCH” into a “home.”

And if you see a friendly Maintenance Man in your travels, please give them a pat on the back as they have undertaken the job of this remodel and are doing a fantastic job.  

Souris Beach web 

Newly remodeled wall in the Home.

 Souris hospital Doors web  

Doors from the Home into the Hospital.

 Souris Home web  New wall at the entrance to the Home.