Teen Health Clinic

TeenClinicAre you aware that there are Teen Health Clinics in some of the high schools in Prairie Mountain Health?

What is the Teen Health Clinic?

A safe, confidential, non-judgmental place for youth to deal with all their health care needs.

Who works at the Teen Health Clinic?

  • Nurse Practitioner and or a Community Health Nurse or Public Health Nurse
  • Community Mental Health Workers – at some sites
  • Addictions Foundation Workers – at some sites

Is it confidential? YES!

This means you can talk to us in private about your health. The only people that will know you use the Teen Health Clinics are the health care providers.  You do not need written permission from your parents to get services at our Teen Health Clinic.  Our only exception to the confidentiality RULE is if an individual is:

  • At risk of harm to self or other
  • Being abused by someone.
  • Some treatments may require consent. You do not need to be 18 to give consent but do need to understand the nature and consequences of the proposed treatment or lack of treatment.

Why should I go to a Teen Health Clinic?

 You should go for ALL your health needs including:

  • If you have a cold
  • If you have a rash
  • If you have acne
  • If you need a prescription
  • If you need mental health screening and resource connection
  • If you need nutritional counseling
  • If you need counseling and prescriptions for birth control
  • FREE condoms
  • If you need Sexually Transmitted Infection treatment and testing
  • If you need education and advocacy for healthy lifestyle choices
  • If you need an addiction assessment and resource connection
  • If you need an immunization.

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Other Resources:

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Manitoba Teen Clinic

Kids help phone (Canada)   1-800-668-6868

Information and support; (24 hours)

Klinic Crisis Line (Manitoba)  1-888-322-3019

Counseling and support for anyone in crisis; (24 hours)

Manitoba Suicide Line: (24 hours)  1-877-435-7170

Counselling and support for anyone thinking about suicide, or affected by suicide.

Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Line: (24 hours)  1-888-292-7565

Support, and information about sexual assault.

HealthLinks Info Santé (24 hours, 7-day a week)  1-888-315-9257

A telephone information service staffed by Registered Nurses with the knowledge to provide answers over the phone to health care questions and guide you to the care you need.

Mental Health Crisis Services  

Over age 18

1-866-332-3030 (North)

1-888-379-7699 (South)

Under age 18

1-866-403-5459 (All Areas) 

1-866-332-3030 (North)

If you are experiencing a psychosocial or mental health crisis, call the above numbers or attend your local emergency department for immediate assistance. If you are not in immediate distress but wish to access Mental Health services, the numbers above will assist you to find the most appropriate intake service available.

Smokers’ Helpline  1-877-513-5333

Has proven, free and personalized tools to help you quit smoking successfully. Available via the Online Quit Program and over the phone. You can also connect with the Smokers’ HelpLine on Facebook and Twitter. Find the resources you need to quit at http://www.smokershelpline.ca/.