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Six New Foreign-Trained Doctors Working Within PMH

February 2021

Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) continues ongoing efforts to recruit physicians to the region.  One of the initiatives the region utilizes as part of its overall recruitment strategy is the provincial Medical Licensure Program for International Medical Graduates (MLPIMG).  The ‘IMG   Program’ assists foreign-trained doctors in obtaining their medical license to be able to practice as a primary care (family) physician in Manitoba.

During the last year, PMH sponsored doctors that successfully graduated from the program and have been strategically placed in PMH communities (or nearby areas) that require additional sufficient physician resources.

This time, these communities include Killarney, Melita, Ste. Rose, Swan River and Virden.

Some of the physician placements will include itinerant clinics in neighbouring communities, including First Nation communities.

In return for regional sponsorship, IMG doctors agree to practice in their respective communities for four years.

The Program is supported by the University of Manitoba —Max Rady College of Medicine, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba and Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living.

During the next rotation, which is already underway, PMH is sponsoring 5 more IMG physicians who started their training program in July of 2020. If successful, they will be able to commence practice within the health region sometime in early Fall.

New IMG Physicians in PMH 2020/2021(start dates in brackets)

Dr.  Iziegbe Omoiki Virden (Sept 2020)

Dr.  Zaheed Fashola Virden/Melita (Nov. 2020)

Dr. Indranie Unarain – Killarney (Oct 2020)

Dr. Vivian Fanous- Ste. Rose (Oct 2020)

Dr. Opeyemi Ola- Swan River (Aug 2020)

Dr. Donatus Osuorah – Grandview (Sept 2020)

Virden HC