PMH Rolls Out COVID Vaccinations For Long Term Care Residents

January 2021

 Working with the leads of the provincial vaccination implementation task force, Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) has been engaged in the COVID immunization rollout within personal care homes (PCHs) across the Province.  Teams of Public Health Nurses, or experienced immunizers, worked with Long Term Care staff vaccinating residents --completing two to six Personal Care Homes in a day within the PMH region during the month of January. The Focused Immunization Teams followed all protocols for personal protective equipment while on-site. 

As announced in December, the prioritization of PCHs used an evidence-based approach to measure the vulnerability of the site, based on the number of residents as well as the percentage of shared rooms. PMH began vaccinating its PCH residents on January 15, 2021.  Residents of Hillcrest PCH in Brandon were the first in the Region to be immunized. 

“PMH thanks all members of the focus immunization teams and all staff at our Personal Care Homes for their dedication and commitment in ensuring that eligible care home residents, with the required consents, were able to receive their first dose of vaccine on schedule,” says PMH CEO Penny Gilson.

“Immunizing residents of our 43 PCHs within 28 days in January as set out by the Province was an ambitious target but one we were able to meet thanks to the unwavering commitment of all involved.”

PMH will begin planning to repeat the task beginning February 12 as two doses of the vaccine are required in order to provide maximum protection..

PCH Resident Roberta Edgar r

Hillcrest Place Personal Care Home resident Roberta Edgar, 87 receives the COVID19 vaccine from Public Health Nurse Angelina Scaletta. Roberta is the first long term care resident in Brandon to get the vaccine.  Roberta was very excited about being the first resident to receive the vaccine.  She said “I take things as they come and I know this was going to happen and I feel good about it.


St Pauls PCH Dauphin Jan 16 2021 r

Dauphin St. Paul’s Home- Public Health Nurse Margaret Zamrykut gives the COVID vaccination to St. Paul’s PCH resident Myra Childs on Jan. 16.


Benito PCH vaccination Jan 2021 r

Benito Personal Care Home- Adam Stupak, receives the first COVID-19 Vaccination at Benito PCH from Brett Wyatt, Clinical Supervisor.


Fairview r

Brandon Fairview Home-Jean Jack, a 2nd floor resident received her first dose of the Moderna vaccine Jan. 18 from Tammi Brennan, direct service nurse for home care in Brandon.


Swan Valley Lodge vaccination Jan 2021 r

Swan Valley Lodge Swan River- Resident Leah Martin is the first to be immunized for COVID-19 at the Swan Valley Lodge. She’s being immunized by Lorie-Ann Deslauriers, Clinical Supervisor.