PMH Palliative Care Services and Bereavement Support

     Palliative Care is a commitment to whole person care that helps to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for those who have a life limiting illness that cannot be cured. It is an approach to care that focuses on physical care, emotional needs, spiritual care, cultural needs, pain and symptom management and end of life planning.

     Palliative Care services are available at no additional cost. There is also a Palliative Care Drug Program that is available for Manitoba residents who are registered with a Palliative Care program that provides individuals with the medications they need at no cost.

     A referral to the Palliative Care Program can/should occur when an individual has been diagnosed with a progressive, life-limiting illness that cannot be cured. A referral to the Palliative Care program can be made by anyone including the person themselves, a family member, friend, Physician, or any health care provider. A referral can be made by either completing a Palliative Care referral form with your Physician or health care provider or by contacting the Palliative Care Coordinator and completing one with them in person or over the phone. Once a referral has been made to the Palliative Care Program the Palliative Care Coordinator will contact you to arrange a time to meet with you and your family in your home, a hospital, or a Personal Care Home to talk about your needs and develop a plan of care.

      Information and contact details for the Palliative Care Coordinator in your area can be found on the Prairie Mountain Health website.

     Support offered for bereavement services can be accessed through Palliative Manitoba as it offers a Province-Wide Telephone Bereavement Support Program. This program offers one-to-one telephone support by trained bereavement volunteers for individuals grieving the death of their loved one no matter where they live in the province. This service offers a safe, anonymous environment to grieving individuals where they can speak freely and openly about their feelings. Each individual can expect to receive a weekly call from a trained bereavement volunteer once a match has been made. This service can be accessed by phone at 204-889-8525 (Toll Free 1-800-539-0295), by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by going to the Palliative Manitoba website.

     For grief support for children there is a grief camp called "Camp Bridges" that is open to any child in Manitoba aged 7 – 15 years (revised age limit as of 2018) who is grieving the death of a someone significant in their lives. This camp, which runs annually in May, can accommodate up to 50 campers each year. It’s funded entirely through donations which allows it to be offered to campers for no fee.

     Camp Bridges will provide a safe environment where the campers have opportunities to interact and share their feelings with other children in similar circumstances. They may learn to understand their grief, recognize that they are not alone, and that their feelings are normal. The camp is not designed to provide grief therapy, but will acknowledge the loss and grief, honour memories, and participate in regular outdoor activities that are part of any other camp experience. Camp Bridges is facilitated by dedicated trained volunteers who create a warm, fun filled, caring atmosphere where campers are able to enjoy the outdoors and grow an understanding of their grief. For more information regarding Camp Bridges please either contact your local Palliative Care Coordinator or go to the Camp Bridges page on the Prairie Mountain Health website.

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