Plenty of job opportunities within Prairie Mountain Health

April 2022

Looking for work? 

No matter what type of career might interest you in health care, Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) likely has a position that could pique your interest. One look at the careers section on the PMH website shows that there are hundreds of job postings across almost all health care sectors.

Like all health service delivery organizations across the province and country, PMH has battled through different waves of COVID-19. Staffing challenges that existed before the pandemic have only intensified over the past two years. 

“We continue to do all we can to keep our network of services functioning at a safe level,” says PMH CEO Brian Schoonbaert.  

“And we know there will always be some vacancies because as a large health care organization that runs 24/7, 365 days a year, we are constantly recruiting. We are continually reviewing our recruitment and retention strategies and trying new things. We are really appealing to everyone to take a look at all our job opportunities, spread the word and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question about a job posting.“

PMH Recruitment Supervisor Larissa Kominko says there are often many factors involved while facing periods of staffing instability. 

“Staff relocate to other areas, others retire, and some are on leaves. For work-life balance, staff choose part-time positions over full-time opportunities. Positions also get filled internally, which in turn creates a domino effect where it will leave another position open. So, our vacancy rates fluctuate at any given time, and the job postings certainly reflect that.”

Kominko says PMH offers competitive wages, a comprehensive health benefits package, and opportunities to learn and advance while working and living in great communities that provide exceptional lifestyle opportunities.

PMH undertakes several methods to promote health care careers. Although some have been impacted by the pandemic, there are career presentations to various student groups and organizations, student practicums offered from various disciplines, and summer employment opportunities. There are conditional grants offered in some areas for some hard to recruit to classifications in the region.

Both Schoonbaert and Kominko also agree on one basic philosophy.

 “We often say recruitment is everyone’s responsibility because there are many times while you are recruiting to fill a health care position, a person’s spouse or significant other may also be looking for a job. And it might not be in health care. So, then you are partnering with communities, economic development departments, Chambers of Commerce and all those types of stakeholders to develop a recruitment plan,” they stated.

A general summary of regional recruitment and retention initiatives undertaken by PMH can be found here.

To view a complete listing of current job postings or contact PMH Human Resources, visit the career section of our website.

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