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Mind the Gap…Read the Profiles!

February 2020

Did you know that residents of Spruce Woods and Whitemud districts are amongst the healthiest in Prairie Mountain Health? That fewer Brandon West End residents die prematurely than anywhere else in our region? That Prairie Mountain Health has the lowest stroke rate in Manitoba? Or that significantly fewer residents of the South zone have high blood pressure than the Manitoba average? You can discover these and many other facts about the health of your community by reading the profiles!

Every five years, health authorities are legislated to write a comprehensive Community Health Assessment (or CHA). The CHA provides information and stories about the physical and mental well-being and health system utilization of community residents. It is used to establish health priorities and actions that will reduce health disparities and improve community health status and quality of life. In its entirety, it’s over 300 pages long and provides a wealth of information about the health of our population!

The first page of each profile describes the region, zone or district location, its population and land area, along with what facilities and health services are available. It also provides a ‘Did you know’ section with interesting facts about the health in that area. The bottom of the first page shows important social and economic indicators, such as life expectancy, unemployment rates and education level.

The second page of each profile provides a more in-depth look at 26 indicators that represent mortality, socioeconomic status, cardiovascular and other disease conditions, mental illness, hospital and physician use, as well as quality of care. It shows how each district or zone compares to the rest of the region and Manitoba.



To discover something new about health in your area, read the profiles! They can be found, along with the CHA, on the public Prairie Mountain Health website.

Below is an example of a district profile.

District Profile 1

District Profile 2