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Local Health Involvement Groups

What are Local Health Involvement Groups or LHIGs?

Local Health Involvement Groups or “LHIGS” are made up of citizens who care about health and health services. They are established to explore and provide advice to the Prairie Mountain Health Board of Directors on issues that impact the delivery of local health services. (Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act – Section 32).

Local Health Involvement Groups will be established in all RHAs across the province of Manitoba. They may however, differ in structure or design between the regions.

In Prairie Mountain Health, 4 geographical Local Health Involvement Groups will be created: two will be located south of Riding Mountain National Park and 2 north of the Park. The boundaries of the LHIGs will parallel the Planning District boundaries established for Prairie Mountain Health (see attached map):


  • LHIG # 1: Asessippi, Little Saskatchewan, and White Mud planning districts
  • LHIG # 2: Souris River, Turtle Mountain, Spruce Woods and Brandon planning districts
  • LHIG # 3: Riding Mountain and Agassiz Mountain planning districts
  • LHIG # 4: Duck Mountain and Porcupine Mountain planning districts

PMH Planning District Map

Who can apply to be a member of a Local Health Involvement Group?

Any member of the public who lives within Prairie Mountain Health region is eligible to apply to become a member of a LHIG.

How are members selected?

Interested community members will complete an application form which will be submitted to an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board. This Committee will review the applications received and based on the following criteria, will appoint individuals to the LHIGs:

  • Place of residence (for geographical representation)
  • Representative of population served (eg. gender, age, race, etc)
  • Good communication skills, strong connections to the associated geographical community
  • Ability to commit time and energy

Are LHIG members paid?

No. LHIG members are volunteers and will not receive any remuneration for their time or participation. Reasonable out of pocket expenses (ie. mileage) will be reimbursed as per PMH Travel policy.

What is the commitment to being a member of a LHIG?

  • Length of term – Each appointment will be for a two year term with the option of extending for an additional year. (For the initial appointments, terms will be staggered: 7 members appointed for a 1 year term; 7 members appointed for a 2 year term.)
  • Meeting Frequency – In person meetings will be held with each LHIG at least 4 times per year. Telehealth may be used to facilitate participation. Additional meetings will be at the call of the Chair. PMH will work with LHIGs to determine meeting location, times, etc.


What will the Region do with my feedback?

A summary report of the discussions that occurred within the regional LHIGs will be presented to the Prairie Mountain Health Board of Directors and will become part of the considerations in decision making. The Board will communicate with the LHIGs about how their feedback assisted their deliberations and decision making.


Where can I get more information?

For more information, please contact:

Lara Bossert, Executive Director – Communications & Corporate Operations

Phone:  (204) 483-5000

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How do I apply?

To apply to become a member of a Local Health Involvement Group, please contact PMH at (204)483-5000 to request an application form.