Is there an ERIK on your fridge?

October 2021

The Emergency Response Information Kit (ERIK) provides first responders with important medical information about you during an emergency in your home. The ERIK program was developed in response to community concerns regarding the availability of adequate information in emergency situations. The kit is ideal for seniors, chronically ill persons, those who live alone or who have caregivers and others who have speech difficulties or communication barriers.

ERIK includes a health information form with your personal information, including name, address, health card numbers, next of kin, family physician, medical history, allergies and medications.

Once you have filled out your kit, it can be placed on the fridge door where emergency crews have been trained to look for it, making it readily available in an emergency situation.

In Prairie Mountain Health, the ERIK program is run in coordination with Emergency Medical Services, Support Services to Seniors organizations and the Home Care Program. ERIK kits are available by contacting the following:

  • In Brandon ERIK kits are available at Brandon Seniors for Seniors. Please call 204-571-2050 for more information.
  • For rural communities located outside of Brandon please contact your local Support Services to Seniors
  • In Dauphin and surrounding communities please contact the Dauphin Emergency Medical Services program at (204) 629-3304.

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