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Healthy Together Now Virtual Share and Learn - Power in Community


Available to everyone!


Each Session includes:
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Community Stories
  • Question & Answer Period

5 classes to participate on the following Wednesdays:

January 27th - Embracing the Challenge of Change

Keynote Speaker:  Brenda Robinson

Things are changing faster than we can.  Things are changing faster than we can keep up with. We’ve been coping and surviving – now we want to actively manage the change we are experiencing. We want to become “change skilled”. Change can be a challenge or a chore. Let’s accept the challenge of change and the opportunities change presents us with!

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February 3rd - Healthy Eating Made in Manitoba

Keynote Speaker:  Getty Stewart 

Learn about a project with University of Manitoba Agricuture & Food Sciences to create new resources, sharing information and recipes on research happening at U of M regarding sustainable food production and agriculture in Manitoba. Participants will learn about and get some tasty recipes for healthy Manitoba grown protein options.

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February 10th - Strive to Thrive in Community

Keynote Speaker:  Janis Slack 

This session will highlight a new program developed by Prairie Mountain Health. Strive toThrive is a program to help you explore your symptoms of wellness and improve your mental health. It helps you to develop skills, knowledge and practices to empower you to THRIVE.

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February 17th - The Impact of the Digital Age

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Simon Trepel 

Smartphones and other screen devices are everywhere. They are used for school, work and social activities and have a big impact on how we interact and communicate. Dr Trepel will discuss how the digital age impacts children and youth and offer tips forimproved screen use.

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February 24th - Differences are not Difficulties

Keynote Speaker:  Brenda Robinson 

Learn about how to encourage.  Learn about how to encourage inter-generational understanding.  Working together works when we work at it! Diversity builds the strength we need. Celebrating differences will bring excitement and energy tothe work we do.

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