FASD Awareness Day - September 9, 2021

September 2021

FASD stands for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. It is a lifelong disability that affects the brain and body of people who had been prenatally exposed to alcohol. Every person with FASD has unique strengths and challenges, and needs special supports to help them succeed in their daily lives.

 In Prairie Mountain Health, the following services are provided:

  • FASD Diagnostic Coordinator Services support families throughout the assessment process and facilitate local clinics. They provide education to families, professionals, and communities. The coordinators work in partnership with the Manitoba FASD Centre in Winnipeg.

    • Twyla Gilroy, BSW RSW, Address: 625 3rd SW, Dauphin, MB R7N 1R7, Phone: 204-622-6223 Fax: 204-629-3406

    • Erin McDougall, BA CTE, Address: Town Centre, Unit B9, 800 Rosser Avenue Brandon, MB, R7A 6N5, Phone: 204-578-2487 Fax: 204-571-2951

  • InSight is a service that provides intensive case management, support and advocacy for women who are pregnant and use substances.  Using a harm reduction approach, women are supported to set and attain goals, make connections within their communities, and create healthier environments for themselves and their children. This prevention program is based at the Dauphin Friendship Centre, Phone: 204-638-5707.

  • The Rural Connections Program Brandon and surrounding areas, provides individualized services for transitional youth and adults who are impacted by FASD and are ineligible for other government support programs. This program supports youth (17+) and adults living with FASD to function within the community, aiming to increase their quality of life with the aid of environmental adaptations. Call 204-772-1591 for more information on supports.

  • Stepping Out on Saturday provides respite services for parents and caregivers. Children aged 5-12, who are in care or who are involved with child welfare system living with a diagnosis of FASD; or suspected FASD with confirmation of prenatal exposure are eligible to participate. The program is structured to each child’s needs and allows for them to socialize in supportive environments. It is held one Saturday a month Call 204-571-0670 to register your child.


September 9th is FASD Awareness Day.  Various coalitions across Manitoba have organized a variety of activities.  

  • The Brandon and Area FASD Coalition is recognizing FASD Awareness Day through creating information kits for child care centers and parents. The bags will contain information on the Manitoba FASD Coalition website along with other items.

  • The South Parkland FASD Collaborative is recognizing this day by hosting a free virtual event September 16, 2021 at 10:00 am. Elder, Bev Harvey- Bright Star Medicine Cloud Woman, will share her personal story of tragedy and triumph, and the healing she has experienced to get to today. You will leave feeling uplifted and inspired. Click here to join the session.

  • The Southeast FASD Coalition along with Visions and Voices Presenters will share a time of virtual storytelling on September 2nd from 1-2:30pm and again from 7-8:30pm.  (Visit the Manitoba FASD Coalition facebook page to watch for more information on how to join)

  • The Winnipeg FASD Coalition welcomes you to complete the Bingo card activities (youth or adult) by September 30th and enter your name for some amazing prizes!!

  • The Interlake FASD Committee is hosting a virtual presentation and question period on September 9th at 10 am and 1 pm.  (Visit the Manitoba FASD Coalition facebook page to watch for more information on how to join)


Additional Resources

Bev Harvey

Elder, Bev Harvey- Bright Star Medicine Cloud Woman