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Falls Prevention

Falls are a leading cause of injuries and account for over half of provincial healthcare costs associated with injuries.
Educate yourself about ways to prevent childhood and adulthood falls at home, at school/work and in the community.

Assess Your Risk of Falls

Preparing for a Hospital Stay

What Should I Bring With Me When I Am Admitted to Hospital?” 

  • Shoes/slippers that have good support, non-skid soles and low/no heel
  • Toiletries
  • Pajamas/comfortable clothing
  • Any assistive devices you use including hearing aids, walkers, canes, etc.
  • Print off a copy of the Patient Safety Handbook prior to a hospital stay


Move Your Body

The PMH Steppin' Up with Confidence Videos

Reducing Seniors Falls:  MOVE-IMPROVE-REMOVE

MovePosterThumbweb       BallExcerciseThumb

More resources
More Videos 

Improve Your Health

Remove Hazards and Obstacles


Keeping you Safe

-If in need of mobility aids, assistive devices and grab bars, obtain a referral to therapy services.