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Endoscopy Services (GI Unit) Brandon

An Endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure that can be performed for diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventative purposes.  Our unit provides a variety of procedures including colonscopy, gastroscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, ERCP, bronchoscopy, capsule endoscopy, barrx radiofrequency ablation, placement of feeding tubes, and insertion of pH probes.  There are close to 8,000 endoscopies completed on a yearly basis in Brandon.


Information to help you prepare for an endoscopy:

Bowel Preparation
Barrx Information (Radio Frequency Ablation)
Bronchoscopy Information
Colonoscopy/Capsule Endoscopy/Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Information
ERCP Information
Gastroscopy/pH Probe
Miscellaneous Forms