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DRHC Public Entrance Frequently Asked Questions

The third phase of the Dauphin Regional Health Centre redevelopment project is complete.  This means changes to the public entrance,  gaining access to the hospital and where you can park.


What’s changing at the Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC)?

Effective, July 24th at 6 a.m., the parking lot (cul-de sac) entrance at the back of the Dauphin Regional Health Centre will open to the general public. The temporary entrance between the hospital and Community Health Services Building, which has been in operation since mid-November 2017, will shut down.  At this time, the entrance to the DRHC will be through the parking lot (north cul de sac) entrance. These changes are a result of the move into the newly-renovated space for the DRHC Emergency Department and Special Care Unit. See hospital access guide.

Why are the entrance changes to the hospital occurring at this time?

The third phase of the DRHC Redevelopment Project is now complete.  DRHC is moving into the new and redeveloped Emergency Room and Special Care Unit space (from the Temporary Emergency Department) over a period of two days (July 23 & 24). 

Is the front entrance/front entrance ramp at Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC) still closed?

Yes, the final phase of the DRHC Redevelopment Project involves the demolition and reconstruction of the entire front entrance area.  This includes the front ramp (drive-up) area off of 3rd Street SW.  Therefore, the front entrance will be closed until the final phase of the project is completed- sometime in late winter 2019.  More information will be provided when the region gets closer to completing the redeveloped front entrance.

What does all this mean in terms of gaining access to the hospital?

The new entrance, via the DRHC parking lot, can be accessed by travelling down Jackson Street or off of the 4th Avenue Southwest. The DRHC parking lot is located at the back of the facility. Look for the sidewalk at the back of the DRHC, or the accessibility ramp for those with mobility challenges. Watch for signage.

What happens if I have an urgent or emergent situation? Where do I go?

If your situation is urgent, or emergent, call 911.

We’ve heard of the change-over to the new DRHC Emergency Department.  If I want to access the Emergency/Outpatient Department, with a non-urgent or non-emergent situation, where do I go?

The DRHC Emergency Department remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If your situation is non-urgent and a visit to the DRHC Emergency/Outpatient Dept. is required, please check in with the Information/Reception area at DRHC. Effective July 24, at 6 a.m., the DRHC Information desk can be accessed by entering at the parking lot entrance at the back of Dauphin Regional Health Centre. Watch for signage.

Where can I park my vehicle if I have an appointment or am visiting someone at DRHC?

Public/visitor parking areas are clearly marked within the Dauphin Regional Health Centre parking lot.  Access to the hospital’s public parking lot is via Jackson Street or 4th Ave. SW.  Do not park in the cul de sac (traffic loop). This is for patient drop-off and pick-up only and will be strongly enforced. Watch for signage.

Are there any provisions being made to access the DRHC if I, or a family member, has a disability or faces mobility or other health-related challenges?

Yes, effective July 24th, in the cul de sac area, there will be clearly designated and marked areas for those with disability, mobility or accessibility challenges to try make accessing the DRHC a little easier.  This includes wheelchair access and handicapped parking areas. These areas will be closely monitored to ensure they are being used appropriately. Watch for signage

If I require a wheelchair, are they available?

Wheelchairs are available inside the hospital entrance at the Information/reception desk.  Please inquire at the desk upon arriving at DRHC.

What happens if I take a handivan, medical transportation vehicle (non-EMS) or taxi to the hospital?

Transportation assists, such as the supports listed above, will use the new cul de sac entrance (traffic loop) to the hospital. There are designated urgent patient drop-off/pick up areas in the cul de sac area.  Watch for signage

I plan to visit someone in the hospital. Do I still need to go to the back entrance?

Yes, you will have to use the new back entrance. There is ample parking available. You can check in with the Information Desk to locate the elevators or ask additional questions.

Where can I gain access to the DRHC if I am a staff member? 

A ‘staff only entrance’ remains accessible off the back DRHC parking lot (cul de sac entrance).  Watch for signage.


Do you have a question about the DRHC Redevelopment? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.