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Busy Time Of Year For PMH Nursing Recruitment

February 2019

It’s that time of year again! Students, students and more students. Several University and College nursing classes will be ending throughout the spring of 2019 and Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) will again be making efforts to recruit students to diverse opportunities in the Region.

The Bachelor of Nursing (BN) students from Brandon University and University of Manitoba will be the first classes to graduate. Students have expressed interest in employment in the Region, which has resulted in approximately 22 employment interviews.  Several other Bachelor of Nursing students, who were previously Licensed Practical Nurses, have also identified that they will continue employment in PMH as Registered Nurses.   Following the BN’s, the Recruitment Department will work with Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing (BPN) students to arrange employment interviews in mid-March.

The University College of the North will graduate BN students in The Pas and Thompson in late spring/early summer. Plans are being made to connect with the students to inform them of nursing opportunities in the Region.

In May, two Practical Nursing programs within PMH will be graduating; one in Brandon with a student count of 26 and one in Dauphin with a student count of 18. PMH representatives will be visiting the classes in late February and early March where the students will be provided with an overview of the health region inclusive of a description of the facilities, program and services offered, along with how to apply for positions, the hiring process, navigating the website, benefits and other employment-related information. 

The PMH Recruitment Department looks forward to this time of year as we play an exciting role in assisting students with the next stage of finding meaningful careers. 

Pictured: Danika Sobokow, Bachelor of Nursing Student, is undertaking her student practicum at Souris Health Centre.

Danika crop