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Women's Wellness Clinic - Hamiota Medical Clinic, June 3 from 10am-3pm. Call 204-764-4218 for appt. #bdnmb
Women's Wellness Clinic - Deloraine Medical Clinic - Deloraine Health Centre June 3 830am - 230pm. Call 204-747-2461 for appt. #bdnmb
Carberry/Glenboro Health Centres temporary suspension of emergency services in May
Women's Wellness Clinic - Melita Medical Clinic, TODAY from 10am-3pm. Call 204-522-8353 for appt. #bdnmb
The DASH tent is Celebrating 20 years, Sun. Jun. 5th Come bring your kids and enjoy a day of learning and fun #bdnmb
Do you work with seniors and their families? Find out more at the Help for Family Caregivers workshop. #bdnmb
Brandon Diabetes Heart Health Program, FREE Living with Diabetes class Thurs, June 2nd from 100pm-300pm call to register 204-578-2370 #bdnmb