Hamiota Health Centre Receives Generous Donation

The Hamiota Health Centre received another generous donation from the Hamiota District Health Centre Foundation! A new Glidescope Video-laryngoscope costing 18,000 dollars was purchased for use in the Emergency Room.  The glidescope is a handheld device with a camera at the end which is used to look at the vocal cords (larynx). The device connects to a video monitor that allows the user to see whatever the camera at the end is pointing at.

When patients arrive in the emergency room, sometimes, they require help to breathe, this is when a physician needs to place a breathing tube through their vocal cords and into their trachea. To be able to do that, the doctor needs to be able to visualize the vocal cords by using a laryngoscope.

Prairie Mountain Health and the Hamiota Health Centre is grateful for this generous donation. Thank you!

Glidescope 2











Pictured from left: Vaughn Wilson, Brent Fortune, Christopher Hersak, Hamiota Health CentreCare Team Manager, Linda Mathison, Kathy Routledge (Chair), Alycia Chuckrey, Bev Bennett, Linda Clarke.