DRHC Benefits from Contribution

        The Dauphin Hospital Foundation and Dauphin Ladies Auxiliary are teaming up to make a significant contribution that will benefit hands on   training and learning experiences for health care professionals at  Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC).
     Thanks to generous contributions from both the Foundation and Auxilians, a state-of-the-art Apollo Pre-Hospital Patient Simulator is being purchased to further enhance medical training. The approximate value of the overall purchase will be slightly over $50,000.  
     The $25,000 contribution from the Ladies Auxiliary will also go towards continued support of the patient simulator mannequin for such things as maintenance and any required technical assistance or program support training.   
      Doctor Scott Kish, says there are many benefits that will be associated with the patient simulator mannequin and equipment. 
“The simulator is great for training staff with procedures and processes that are stressful during an emergency, things that an individual staff member may only see once or twice a year,” Kish stated. 
     Dauphin Regional Health Centre Director Curt Gullett sincerely thanks both organizations for their commitment to the  project. “We are very grateful for the funding support which allows for ongoing training, education and awareness within our health centre. Both our Foundation and Ladies Auxiliary remain very dedicated to purchases and projects that benefit our patients, clients and staff within the DRHC, and we can’t thank them enough for that,” Gullett added.  
     Once the Patient Simulator arrives, Dr. Kish would work with the staff to organize doctors and nursing staff for training. He feels the facility can potentially train up to 12 staff, whom are long-term staff members. 
     “With the simulator we would also be able to coordinate monthly mock codes for all the hospital wards which further enhances the skill sets of health care providers within DRHC.  This will help to broaden our training as not all staff can be available for a single session.”
     With the funding commitments in place, the new equipment has been ordered.  It is anticipated to take about three months to arrive, anticipating that to be later this fall.


Dphn Ladies Aux Donates June 2017 Copy

   Pictured from front left: Velma Snitka, Doug Deans (Foundation Chair) and Dr. Scott Kish.  Back left: Marilyn Strang, Kay Lubiniecki and Gail Hrehirchuk.